DJ Dadius Windlow (a.k.a. Jayce BlackWolf)

   Dadius was born in Nashville Tennessee on Sept. 16, 1969. He studied Audio Visual in high school and then moved on to being a production engineer for WSM-FM and also an on-air personality. Working for WSM also gave him the chance to work as a production engineer for the Grand Old Opry.


   Later in 2000, he moved onward to bigger and better things and worked as a DJ at several local bars in Seattle, WA. This propelled his career as he then was heard by a producer and opened for Moby in 2004 at a 3500 person closed rave. He then began creating his own music and selling the mixes and his original style of music at his shows. DJ Dadius now has approximately 11 albums of his original works and remixes.


   Finally ending his musical wave through the city of Seattle, he headed back home to Nashville, TN. His passion had always been for the fandom known as "furries" and he being a horse owner and handler set him in motion to be the first hard-working DJ in a full gypsy vanner fursuit. His current music tastes include but are not limited to, EDM of all kinds, electro, techno, rave, dubstep and house. His roots are also planted back in old school electro and true underground industrial music. He does have a flair for the dramatic and always includes an amazing stage show along with his musical sets.


   "I believe that the DJ scene needs expansion. Not just guys up there turning knobs and filtering and fading pre-recorded mixes. The fans want to see you work hard and also be able to entertain them. That is my goal."



   DJ Dadius recently played a show in Knoxville, TN at the Fangcon Convention held in TN. Here are a few quotes from the reviews....


   "Really enjoyed meeting you at FangCon, and, wow, your set was fantastic! And thanks for the compliment while I was playing the set after yours, that meant a lot!"

   "Loved your set!! Rave was awesome!!"

   "Awesome set you played at Fangcon"


   DJ Dadius has already agreed to return to the convention in the future and will be bringing a brand new stage show and set.


   Stay tuned for more to come from this well established DJ and performer.......