Introducing.....                                                                                                April 2004

This is Dadius' first album created solely on Acid Pro and a Yamaha DJ-X controller. Created back during a time when he was very gung-ho about the music industry. He tried to get this album out and had quite a few sales on his personal website. The album was not as big of a success as he wanted yet it was his first solo project. Also it should be noted that he went by the moniker of DJ BlackWolf.


1) Introducing DJ BlackWolf

2) All The Time

3) Dark Passage

4) Deep In The Night

5) Don't End There

6) Influential Quirk

7) Man With No Voice

8) Music For Your Transceiver

9) Radio Free Techno

10 ) Relax Your Mind

11) Space Piper

12) This Is What The DJ Does

13) Welcome To The Cyberland


Spectral Imagery                                                                                                                                                                               April 2005

This album was created the same way yet his production techniques were increasing. This album also found Dadius in a very dark time and it would reflect in the musical creation and the passion in his work.


1) Final Mission

2) Fremont Tapestry

3) Hyperreactor

4) Sleeping Dragon

5) Spectral Dust

6) Strophium

7) Too Much Too Often

The third in the album list by Dadius. It should be noted that he went by the name Ebon Lupus at this time. This being his least favorite in the grouping, it rarely was heard. Getting a copy of this one is tough and very hard to find. It never really took off as he had hoped. Yet the album signified his comeback out of his depressive state.


1) Orbiting Metals

2) Stellar Punch

3) Xenon Tangent

4) Spacial Swaying

5) Nature's Melody

6) Comet's Tale

7) Fortified Stockade

8) Artan's Song

9) Fractal


Ethereal Canid                                                                                                   April 2006